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Need for training

Training is an important management function for a growth oriented organizations in a rapidly changing economic and social environment.As the strength of any organization is the strength of the human resources, training is undoubtedly an important part of the organization renewal as an ongoing learning process in Human Resource Development

It is the management responsibility to ensure that technical and operating personnel are trained to operate theequipment safely and efficiently. Training allows the staff to explore new ideas, interchange them with experts and with other participants. There is a need to train new as well as experienced personnel in energy efficient operation ofcompany facilities. The need for training in each should be reviewed periodically toassure that all new personnel are properly trained and to refresh the skills of existing personnel. Our primary focus of training is transferring knowledge, skills and best practices in the field of energy efficiency and conservation.

Type of training

We organise and conduct the following three type of training:

             - In-house Training
             - Workshop Training
             - Outstation residential Training

We conduct staff training typicallyfor the following three levels:

            - Management
            - Engineering/Technical/Supervisory
            - Operators.

We provide seminars, workshops, trainingprogram, customized residential & non-residential training in various energy management related topics. The training services can be tailored for particular sector to meet the client specific requirements.