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Building Energy Audit

Building energy audit is an inspection, survey and analysis of energy flows in a building conducted to identify opportunities to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions while maintaining or improving human comfort and safety in a building. Energy Audit consists of a comprehensive assessment of your electricity, water, gas and all utility equipments and building conditions that may cause excessive energy consumption. Energy Using Systems are building envelope, lighting, Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning, Hot water, Mechanical systems and plug &process load.

Audit begins with step-by-step analysis of the building's energy use factors and costs, such as insulation values, occupancy schedules, chiller efficiencies, lighting levels, and records of utility and fuel expenditures.   It includes the identification of Energy Efficiency measures along with the cost-effective benefits. The second stage is to improve efficiency of energy conversion equipment and to reduce energy use by proper operations and maintenance. The purpose of energy audit is to provide information on Energy Efficiency measures that is detailed enough to allow business owners and managers to make implementation decisions based on their current and future business goals. We provide building energy audit services with BEE guidelines and ECBC code